This was a unique project gathering partners from Programme countries and Eastern Europe and Caucasus in order to explore more the power of learning outdoors and in the nature. 

24 youth workers and youth leaders came to develop themselves by discovering the opportunities of outdoor experiential learning (OEL) in order to adapt and start using it as a non-formal learning (NFL) APPROACH and TOOL in their daily work with young people.

Due to our Best Trainers Ieva and Timo, we have got unforgettable experience of learning from nature. The course was arranged in amazing Marttinen Youth Center in Virrat.  It is a pleasant, safe environment for a range of groups, courses, training events and other events year-round.  https://www.marttinen.fi/

We really learned a lot from beautiful nature surrounding the place we lived, good natural meal and workshops given by experienced trainers. Night hike in the Finnish wilderness by canoeing, boating and walking, hour of Silence in nature, climbing by high ropes, jumping with benji from high bridge over the lake, creating and participating in others' workshops. Learning from other cultures, breaking of stereotypes, getting of new friends, planning of new activities for youth in your country, as well as for international projects.   

After the training, all participants were actively involved in sharing the results. During this winter participants organized follow-up activities: camps, Adventure Hikes with youngsters in their countries. All the activities included some young people with fewer opportunities. We also started to develope new international cooperation projects.

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And web-sites and pages of our partners of the project.


Final report and Resources of the project you can see here 




FOLLOW-UP ACTIVITIES made by participants of TC OEL for Youth Empowerment

After TC “Outdoor Experiential Learning for Youth Empowerment” 3-11.8.2018 the participants organised follow-up activities for children and youth in their countries.



Finland:  Cinema – movie camp for children 11-14.8.2018 in Ahtela, Sauvo. 

  • Spain: Meetings with the participants of Ilewasi organisation, presentations about the TC “Outdoor Experiential Learning for Youth Empowerment”.

  • Spain: Outdoor activities for youth of Ilewasi, Castellon. Volunteers’ activities in Spain and other countries.

  • Finland: Cinema – movie camp for children 11-14.8.2018 in Ahtela, Sauvo.

  • Finland: Cinema – movie camp for children 11-14.8.2018 in Ahtela, Sauvo.

  • Finland: Sirkus school for children with Valentine, ESC volunteer from Belgium.

  • Latvia: Outdoor Baltic Sea cost cleaner flash mob activity in Liepāja. Citizens clean the seaside.

  • Latvia: Outdoor Baltic Sea cost cleaner flash mob activity in Liepāja. Citizens clean the seaside

  • 6-hour sharing experience of non-formal educational program for youth in Lori region in Armenia.

  • Hike with the high school students in Romania.

  • Chechnya: “Dear friends! I think I could call like after all the time and great experience we had together.
    About the follow-up activities I should say that after the project we started to work more outside and have done many activities with the young people here in Chechnya.

  • I would like to share the moments of the intercultural exchange against discrimination we have organized in Grozny and the project on human rights education. The participants were from Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Karchai-hirkassian regions.” Bekkhan Geldoev

  • Russia St.Petersburg: 13.10.2018 Tulip Fest in St.Petersburg, Russia – schoolchildren were planting tulips. They discussed about connection between human and nature.

  • November 2018: the camp with outdoor activities for children and youth in one of the camping bases close to St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • Ukraine: The participants organized game "Magical park" for children. Kids had many adventures, for example - "Evil code", " Holy fruits","Volcanic path","Maze of illusions", "Qviz ".

  • Workshop "The chain" (intro to "Contact improvisation") and other OEL activities for children and youth in Kiev, Ukraine.

  • Italian JUMP-IN spent all day outside, where they had a picnic, followed by dancing presentations and organized games.

  • Everybody enjoined the activities and organisers achieved their goal to make them aware of the benefits of sports and going outdoors and how this can improve the quality of life.

  • They managed to bring together kids, youth and adults and together they did different activities to show the importance of an active life.