Reinventing the Future -project

Reinventing the  Future interactive book, Finnish version.


This book was funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Programme, under the Key Action 2 “Strategic Partnerships in the field of adult education”, as part of the activities from the project “Reinventing the Future”

This strategic partnership (Crinnova, Permacultura Cantabria and Sirius) was created to achieve the objective of equipping adult trainers and adults with new knowledge and tools for them to start developing innovative and sustainable projects in a collaborative way; this will also foment entrepreneurship and social inclusion among local citizens.

The main objectives of the project were:

To design a new and innovative Dragon Dreaming Methodology: This will be done by sharing the best practices.

To create didactic materials in which adult learners and adult people can acquire the Dragon Dreaming Methodology in an easy way.

To transfer to European countries the Dragon Dreaming Methodology through an effective dissemination campaign

For the book creation, we carried out the following main activities:

A 3-day participatory visit in UK

A 3-day participatory visit in Finland

A 10 day course in Spain

During these activities, we exchanged best practices that were the base for the creation of this book which is an easy way of learning the Dragon Dreaming Methodology.

A 10-day course in Spain was also carried to test the effectiveness of the methodology and the interactive book. It was attended by 10 participants of each entity, who learned and experienced this participatory and creative technique.

This book will develop professionals skills of adult trainers, improving the quality of their activities and trainings, from the point of view of inclusion, violence prevention, academic and work success, as well as the personal and social integrity of adult learners.


Dear friends!


The publication of the Finnish version of the interactive book agreed for 20.01.2020 is delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemia. But it is published today 22.10.2020.

So you can check the publication if you didn't do it yet. Here.


Reinventing the Future Finnish version


REINVENTING the FUTURE - Erasmus+ project


On September 2018 officially started the Erasmus+ project:

Agreement number: 2018-1-UK01-KA204-048280


The strengths analysis conducted by the member organizations as well as their successfull initiatives and actions will be beneficial for the project development, through the sharing of their expertise and best practices combined with the dragon dreaming methodology which will intensify the impact of the project.

The participating organisations are:

* European Learning Network Ltd., Great Britain

* Permacultura Cantabria, Spain

* Sirius ry, Finland


Project website: