Linguistic Camp-Quest “Secrets of the Lake”

We are inviting teenagers (13-18 years old) to the Adventurous Linguistic Camp-Quest “Secrets of the Lake”.

June 9-16, 2020 (only 1 place left!  Only 8 places !!!)


You may ask: Is it possible to combine a teenager's holidays with learning English?

We will answer: Of course, yes!

“Secrets of the Lake” is not just a language camp, it is a story full of Secrets and Mysteries! In the camp, teenagers will go through mysterious and difficult trials, solve puzzles, and collect clues. Young participants will gradually learn new details of events, which will help them to move closer to the solution!

In our camp , your children imperceptibly immerse themselves in the world of the English language and  at the same time spend a fun and productive holiday. An entertaining quest in nature will not let anyone get bored and Lazy: from the very first day, our friendly team will lead the participants into the world of Secrets, Creativity, and Adventure. At the same time, communicating with teachers and peers in English, the guys will be able to improve their English speaking skills, Replenish their vocabulary, and enjoy the holidays! No more boring lessons and tedious textbooks! And no cramming! Our strategies are games and natural communication. Our camp with an English bias will allow children to say Goodbye to the language barrier, fall in love with the English language, reveal their creativity and their personality. And, of course, make new friends and have unforgettable experiences on the Shores of a beautiful lake.

Children will enjoy educational and creative games, fun language competitions, quizzes, developing contests and creative presentations, and, in conclusion, our main quest “Secrets of the Lake”. Together we will improve our speaking skills at master classes in speech development and Oratory, rehearse theater Sketches and make a mini-movie. Picnics and mini-hikes around the lake, sports games contribute to the formation of communication and teamwork skills, and morning gymnastics, yoga, swimming in the lake (according to the weather), and a sauna will form a healthy lifestyle habit. And, of course, BBQ and evening parties.

Our friendly team will provide an opportunity for each participant to learn new things, to feel special and necessary in the team, to reveal their individuality. Experienced English-speaking teachers will create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and provide a comfortable approach to learning a foreign language.


We serve 4 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner). Our meals are always tasty, healthy, and well-balanced. There are fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and juices in a daily diet. (Please inform us if there are any allergies or special diet requirements.) There is always access to drinking water. 


We have wonderful living conditions! Suursalmi Cottage is located on a lake in a coniferous forest 28 km from Kouvola. There are spacious two-story cottages, comfortable double rooms, a wooden sauna, shower, toilets, a large kitchen and a spacious living room with fireplace, an open balcony on the second floor, and a summer terrace with lake views, a covered BBQ area, and direct access to the lake. Children will enjoy the silence, fresh air, and beautiful views.


More information about Suursalmi Cottage

the cost

Special offer! It's 430 euros!

The usual price is 500 euros.

Invite your friend and get a Discount!

We are welcome children with any level of English.


Each participant will receive a certificate of participation. Small, but very pleasant prizes will also be raffled.

We look forward to seeing you in our Linguistic Camp-Quest “Secrets of the Lake”!

You can register your child in the camp

by e-mail

by phone 04578762663 (Elizaveta, the programme, the teachers)

 by phone 050-3550701 (Ludmila, accomodation, meal, transfer, registration, bills) 

We will be happy to answer all your questions.



Hurry up to sign up! places are limited!