• Youth Camp in Ahtela 16-23.6.2017

  • Youth Camp in Ahtela 7-14.8.2017

  • The participants of Youth Exchange "Let’s EVS", Malaga 2017

  • 6.-8.5.2016 - AHTELA - ERASMUS+ 4U

  • “Move for Health” Youth Exchange in Italy 13.-20.5.2016

  • Sea of Talents - camp in Ahtela, 28.6.-2.7.2016

  • 7-10.7.2016 CAMP in TIPPSUND, TAIVASSALO

  • "Island of Talents" Camp in Taivassalo 13-20.7.2015

  • ENGLISH THEATRE CAMP in Savitaipale 4-11.1.2015

Save Nature Save Future -Youth Exchange, made by participants from Finland, Spain, Italy and Lithuania. Taivassalo, Finland. 10-17.8.2015.

Taivassalo, Finland. 10-17.8.2015.

Move for Health - project in Italy

MOVE FOR HEALTH is a Youth Exchange project under the Erasmus+ program. Its principal aim is to offer to youth people the opportunity to discover and reflect about what may be the benefits from a correct and wellbeing lifestyle and experiment in their own.
The participants at the end of the project acquired information and significant knowledge to change the way of thinking, acting in relation to health matters and be more mindful of the problems that can lead to sedentary lifestyles and incorrect food behaviours. In addition they increased awareness on the importance to identify common values with people from different countries in spite of their cultural differences and challenge viewpoints that perpetuate inequality and discrimination.
Fabio Todaro