CAMP 25.6. - 13.7.2020

It was a pretty long, two-period camp, and after the quarantine it was really great because the kids and young people got to be in the woods, on the beach, they swam and rowed even under the rain. There were also a lot of quest games, as well as celebrations: Potato Day, Neptune Day, making pizza together, crafting and organizing indoor games and karaoke nights when it was raining, and a lot of more useful and fun. 



Lingvocamp "Secret of the Lake" 9-16.6.2020

Lingvocamp "Secret of the Lake" was held in a Suursalmi -cottage close to Kouvola 9-16.6.2020.

An English-language camp for young people aged 12-18 was held in the Suursalmi cottage by a beautiful lake in the Kouvola area. At the camp, young people learned English by discussing, playing games, and participating in fun and rewarding activities. The weather favored us, we also got plenty to swim, row boats and canoes and even fish! At the camp we also practiced yoga and exercise, various ball games. We took part in an exciting quest as well as exciting games.

Winter Circus and Cinema camps

Two camps with Circus and Cinema workshops were organised for school children of Finland with Russian speaking immigrant backgrounds. 

So movies were made in Russian. You can see them also in our youtube chanel